A cutting-edge 28 day home workout for women.

Written by Dan Roberts, Methodology X is a holistic, athletic, educational and fun workout system that brings together influences from yoga, pilates, ballet, martial arts, plyometrics and athletic training.

Dan will take you on a 28 day journey where you will improve your overall fitness, stamina and strength. The workout will reduce your thigh and waist measurements, firm your arms, tone your oblique’s, define your inner thighs and shape your glutes. Your core, posture and athletic ability will all significantly improve.

Written as a guide to achieving a Supermodel physique in an athletic, scientific and ethical way, Methodology X is a trusted resource. Many top models signed to agencies such as TESS, Next, Models 1, Premier, Storm, Ford, Whilemina and IMG swear by it.

Due to the functional and aesthetic benefits, Methodology X has been embraced by women outside of the fashion world. You don’t need to strut down a catwalk to look and feel fabulous. We want all women to experience Dan’s celebrated training methods and take up the 28 day Methodology X challenge.


Recent customers share their experiences


“What sets Method X apart is honesty. The work out makes you push boundaries with your body. I find the Facebook group particularly useful. The trainers are very prompt in addressing my concerns with exercises. Also, we fellow ‘MX-ers’ constantly motivate each other. I strongly recommend this to women keen on challenging their bodies.”

Doctor Ahalya Kariappa


“I hated that it was so hard, but now I love it! I have become more strong and defined, I’ve lost 3cm around my thighs! And my measurements are now perfect. I really loved the Core Blaster it worked like a charm. The New York circuit was my favourite, super challenging but awesome. I give Methodology X 10 out of 10.”

Bianca Raubenheimer (@Bianca_95)


“I’m very impressed with this book. I learned so much about so many exercises and especially how to work every muscle by doing different exercises. Methodology X is an amazing programme, you can do at home or when you travel. Thank you Dan, you’re the best personal trainer ever!”

Jana Perez (@JanaPerezOfficial)


“I love the combination of boxing, yoga, pilates and strength training. My thighs are now smaller, much more toned and my balance, fitness and core strength have gone up. I’ve tried Kayla Instes and Tracey Anderson Method, and this is the very first workout that suits me 100%.”

Nirelda Andreka (@Nirelda)


“Methodology X is the first workout I’ve done that has made a noticeable difference to my body tone and shape. I am not a gym-bunny so consistently using Methodology X 3-4 times a week does make a difference! My arms and legs are noticeably more defined. My “saddle bags” have significantly reduced… I am also much slimmer overall.”

Alexandra Lee


“Methodology X has changed my life by changing my outlook. It’s strengthened me both physically and mentally as well as completely turning my lifestyle around. Everyone should love the skin they’re in and adopt a healthy lifestyle and ‘the method’ is the perfect catalyst for that. Thank you.”

Gemma Grabham (@GemmaLouiseGrabham)


“Methodology X is perfect for someone like me for number of reasons. Rather than just being a fist pumping and sweaty workout there is a lot of core and balance work designed to make us understand and control our own bodies. This workout stands out from any anything else. I hope to continue being a MethodX-er!”

Tijana Tamburic (@Tijana)


“Dan has developed a fitness program for the Fashion Industry but it’s actually perfect for every working woman who doesn’t have hours to put into their routine! It’s tough but focused and the best part about it, is Dan! He’s fun, real and is only concerned with you being the best you can be; lean, healthy and beautiful! Thank you Dan!”

Paleta™ Los Angeles (@EatPaleta)


A unique 28 day body weight workout created for women, all you need is a gym ball.

130 page multimedia eBook that works on all devices.

Video demonstrations of all exercises.

Practical food, modelling and lifestyle advice.

A yoga and meditation section from Sarah Hunt.

Free membership to our supportive online group: The MX Club.

Total cost £65. (Approx US$ 84.00)

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“Dan’s by far the best Trainer I’ve ever had and I would advise fellow models within the industry to use this programme” –  Suki Waterhouse


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